About Muse

My name is Muse Seymour. I am the Community Manager for Nimber. This WordPress is dedicated to the articles I curate from around the web via Scoop.it. It’s an amazing way to find, share, and discuss content from around the web. Feel free to come find me and chat over on Knotch, twitter, or Facebook.




3 thoughts on “About Muse

  1. Hello Muse. My name is Vera Jennings and I met you at WriteCamp last June, 2011 while attending one of your seminars on Social Media. I also left a message on your voice mail. I’m launching my novel on Kickstarter.com, a platform for artists and creative types to raise money throughh donations to bring their projects to fruition. I already have a network base built up through my personal Outlook contacts and FaceBook. But I’m interested in casting a wider net to include as many people as possible. I currently don’t have a Twitter account, which might be one way of building up my network. It says on your card that you are a media strategist. What are your thoughts? Can you give me some tips? Thanks for giving me audience.

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