‘The Doughnut Admirer’ Submitted to London Cinematic Film Festival


The Doughnut Admirer‘ has been submitted to the London Cinematic Film Festival taking place in April of 2018. Submissions are still open with the next deadline coming at the end of August.
This would be a coming home of sorts for the script as I had written it in my small studio flat near Victoria Park in the Summer of 2016. This would also mark its first London appearance.
Once again, you can help me continue to be a part of these festivals and help turn this award winning script into a film you can watch by becoming a patron on Patreon for as little as $1.

Update: Official Laurels, Moving On in the Competition


The official laurels are in for the Lake Charles Film & Music Festival taking place in Lake Charles, Louisiana at the beginning of October. Look at that pirate.
In even better news, sorry to bury the lede, ‘The Doughnut Admirer‘ has been named a semi-finalist going into the festival with the formal award for Best Screenplay being announced at an awards ceremony at the festival on the night of October 7th.
I would really love to attend this event and every bit of support helps. We gained our first patron yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. If we can get to 25 before the festival I’ll give out a signed copy of the festival poster to one of you as a thank you. Thanks for reading and thanks for all of your support.


‘The Doughnut Admirer’ & ‘Silent Melody’ Submitted to Chicago Visions


Two pieces have been submitted to the Chicago Visions International Film Festival ‘Silent Melody’ has been entered in the Short Film Competition while, ‘The Doughnut Admirer‘ has been entered in the Script Competition.
The festival takes place on October 5th in Chicago and should ‘Silent Melody‘ be accepted it will mark its Chicago premiere.

The Doughnut Admirer Named Official Selection at Lake Charles Film & Music Festival

6th-annual-fest-logo-png-parchment.png‘The Doughnut Admirer,’ has just been named an official selection for the 6th annual Lake Charles Film & Music Festival taking place this October.

As a nominee for Best Screenplay, I have the opportunity of taking home the very prestigious “Scallywag,” a pirate themed award. Ha!

In addition to that, the competition is also sponsored by InkTip. Producers have made more than 200 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip. The winner will receive a listing of your script on InkTip so that producers and reps can find you and an InkTip Magazine publication of my logline in InkTip’s magazine sent to nearly 15000 producers and reps.

This is a very exciting opportunity that I hope I will be able to attend as there will be lots of industry people in attendance. Becoming a patron today will help me be able to get there and hopefully take that script to the next level. Thank you for you support.



Winners & Photos from the Windy City International Film Festival


Me with the lovely Diana Durango of the sitcom, “Shoot Me Nicely,” which took home the award for Best Comedy Short

You can check out a recap of all the winners for this year’s Windy City International Film Festival, including yours truly ::wink wink::

There’s also some excellent photos showcasing all who won.


‘The Doughnut Admirer’ Submitted to IFS Film Fest


I’ve submitted ‘The Doughnut Admirer’ to the Independent Filmmakers Showcase taking place in Los Angeles, California next May from the 13th-15th. The Best Screenplay award for which ‘The Doughnut Admirer’ is being considered is a whopping $10,000.

I’d love to see some people out there if the film gets a formal nomination. To help make that trip a reality remember you can become a patron of the arts and film by heading to my Patreon page and becoming a patron.

Let’s Make Films Together


In an effort help turn more scripts into actual films you can watch I’ve setup a Patreon page. With this you can become a part of the creative process that goes into filmmaking from the concept of the story all the way through production to the premiere and beyond.

I’ve set up a number of different rewards for contributors from exclusive looks at early drafts of scripts, to signed posters, writing services, and even producers credits that will be featured in the film and on IMDB. Anything you can contribute, even as little as a dollar goes a long way. If you can’t contribute right now, that’s okay too. You can still help by spreading the word and staying engaged here, on Patreon, or on my other social channels.

To be become a Patron there is a button on the side of my homepage or you can click this link to be taken there. Please give it a look and give me some feedback on the awards and goals. If you’d be interested in something different let me know and I’ll see if I can make that work. Thanks everyone for all of your support. Let’s make some great art together.