Newly Spinning Vol. 5

Newly spinning is back with more greatness from Ariel Pink. Also,the last few weeks have resulted in some great new singles giving us all something to look forward to as summer fades away, this week is no different as Björk and Dhani Harrison have a couple of gems. Anyway, lets get to the tunes.

LP to listen to this week


Ariel Pink

If you don’t know Ariel Pink, do yourself a favour and do a quick google search. He’s a character and a half. His albums are all over the place and creative as hell. This one is no different. The first track is… well, just give it a play. It’s ridiculous. The lyricism on Dedicated to Bobby Jameson are brilliant and pull seamlessly from pop culture terms, something that Ariel is a master at. This may not be an album you spin constantly, but it’s  unique and likely unlike anything else you’re listening to right now.


Singles worth your time


Dhani Harrison is set to release his first ever solo album, which is astonishing actually. I was cool with his band thenewno2 and Fistful of Mercy was okay, if a little boring, but I’ve long been waiting for him to take a step forward in his compositions. He has truly done it with both this track and the recently released single All About Waiting. Both tracks are incredibly different and incredibly amazing. I’m stoked for this release on October 6th and have actually already pre-ordered it. Give it a listen. You will not be disappointed.


Björk has been giving us masterful art, both sonically and visually, now for decades and she is showing no signs of slowing down. The Gate, is a beautiful piece of music featuring her elegant voice. If this track is any indication of what we can expect on her forthcoming album we are in for one hauntingly beautiful ride.

One to skip


I’m fairly certain an ice pick to the ear is better than this re-hashed garbage. I have no idea how they continue to make the same song over and over again, but they have it down to a science. I’m sure it was be force fed to us all during some sports season’s playoff like “The Mups” piece of shit all Stanley Cup Playoffs a couple of years back. If you really fancy giving it a listen it’s here for you, but, as a word of warning, if you value your life, keep all sharp objects away from you.

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