Newly Spinning Vol 2.

This week we’ll tackle a band with a large gap between records, one who keeps churning them out, another that makes better films than music, and another who breaks all sorts of records, not too mention an album that almost put me to sleep. Without further adieu…

LPs to listen to this week


Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees are back with Orc, their 19th? studio album. It could be more with all of their name variations, regardless it’s a crazy amount of music they’ve released. Anyway, this one is once again a winner. The sweet psychedelic rock of John Dwyer and company never loses its edge. I was quite partial to some of the instrumentals on the back half of the album. Spinning this one is a great way to end your Friday work day.


brand new

On first listen I almost thought about making this the one to skip this week. However, Brand New’s first studio album in 9 years, Science Fiction, grew on me a little with a couple of subsequent listens. Their last album, Daisy, was largely forgettable and the band arguable peaked with 2006’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. This album is better than Daisy, but it’s lacking, kind of boring, the lyrics are quite as great. It’s just a meh album. I know I’ve been seeing Brand New fan boys and girls going gaga over it all week, but I just can’t. It’s just not that good. Feel free to give it a listen and let know how awful a person I am for shitting on something Jesse Lacey made. It’s okay, I can take it.


Singles worth your time


I mean what is there to really say about Beck, he’s Beck. It’s always fun, it’s always interesting, it’s always a little odd. It’s always Beck. His new track is no different. It’s fun, it’s enjoyable, it’s catchy. Sometimes Beck is a nice reprieve from popular music. Give it a listen.


Mogwai continue their brand of light airy ambient rock. Their latest post rock sound is in the form of a shoegaze, synth pop mold complete with vocals, not always a given with Mogwai’s instrumental heavy back catalogue. It’s a solid piece, good for zoning out and falling into for a four minute spell. The B-side, Eternal Panther, is more rock focused and a real banger. It works as a good compliment to the A-side.


Well, I’m not really certain what to say about this. It’s terrible, unless it’s a response to the new Taylor Swift tune, then I’m cool with it. Anyway, it’s poppy, over-the-top, auto tuned garbage. We haven’t heard from Jared Leto and company for awhile. Likely because he was busy playing the Joker and what not, but this return is far from triumphant. It’s bubble gum, radio trash. I’ve never been super into his music, but this isn’t even anywhere near as good as that. I’d have put it in the skip column this week, but it’s just so bad, you should listen.


Ones to skip

I’m giving you a double does this week. One single and one LP. Thankfully, you’ll be able to avoid the LP, the single… well good luck with that.

LP to skip


War On Drugs

This album from The War on Drugs works just about as well as Reagan’s war on drugs. It’s just awful. Thanks to A Deeper Understanding, I now have a deeper understanding of boredom. It’s as if Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty spat out a baby with a synthesiser that made this to fall asleep to. It’s just so fucking boring. There are loads of better examples of soft rock, synth pop, and Americana out there. Hell, go listen to Death Cab for Cutie. Sometimes there is a lot going on in a track, none of it well unfortunately. Seriously, I don’t know what else to say. This was one of the most boring hour plus of music I’ve ever sat through. I’ve heard so many people brag this band up and I just don’t get it. It’s god awful, but if you’re looking for an afternoon nap, here’s the pill.


Single to skip


So, there a two solid reasons to skip this one. First, and most obvious, you won’t have a choice but to listen to it anyway. Whether in a clothing store, at a sports event, or because you have a shitty co-worker who just loves shitty pop music. You’ll hear it whether you want to or not. Taylor Swift being overplayed is like Homer eating donuts in an episode of The Simpsons. It’s just going to happen. The second, and slightly less obvious reason to skip it is because you’ve already heard it. It’s a re-invention of Right Said Fred’s, I’m Too Sexy.” Yeah, you head that right. The geniuses behind that tune are credited with writing this one along with Swift and Jack Antonoff and it’s not too subtle. So skip it whilst you can, but if you just have to have to have to have you some Taylor. Here it is.


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