Let’s Make Films Together


In an effort help turn more scripts into actual films you can watch I’ve setup a Patreon page. With this you can become a part of the creative process that goes into filmmaking from the concept of the story all the way through production to the premiere and beyond.

I’ve set up a number of different rewards for contributors from exclusive looks at early drafts of scripts, to signed posters, writing services, and even producers credits that will be featured in the film and on IMDB. Anything you can contribute, even as little as a dollar goes a long way. If you can’t contribute right now, that’s okay too. You can still help by spreading the word and staying engaged here, on Patreon, or on my other social channels.

To be become a Patron there is a button on the side of my homepage or you can click this link to be taken there. Please give it a look and give me some feedback on the awards and goals. If you’d be interested in something different let me know and I’ll see if I can make that work. Thanks everyone for all of your support. Let’s make some great art together.


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