Serge Gainsbourg, France Gall and the most ridiculously phallic music video of 1966

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  “Les Sucettes” (“The Lollipops”) was written for the virginal blonde 18-year-old France Gall by that arch-lecher himself, Serge Gainsbourg, who wanted to market her as the ultimate French “Lolita” pop star. The song’s lyrics depict a young girl, Annie, who likes aniseed-flavored lollipops. Here’s a translation of a verse so you get the gist: When the barley sugar Flavored with anise Sinks in Annie’s throat, She is in heaven. Annie’s aniseed. Think about that for a minute… Christ, he’s good… But here’s the thing: France Gall apparently had no idea that she was singing a song about oral sex and swallowing… seed. When she performed the number on the television program seen in the…

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