Just how bad was this year’s Christmas Doctor Who?

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  Yes, I know it was a few days ago now but I’m still recovering from the trauma. My kids are too. They found the mawkishness so excruciating they had to hide behind the sofa. Just why was thi…

Muse Seymour‘s insight:

I think the episode was bad yes, but I don’t think a majority of the epsiodes of the reboot have been. This review is accurate for the last episode and quite a few from Series 7 in particular. I don’t really have a problem with Jenna-Louise Coleman or Clara. I rather liked her in the couple of decent episodes, the Dalek prison and last year’s Christmas episode was okay, but most of Series 7 was poorly written. I also agree with his assesment of the Matt Smith years as having most episodes solved on a whim of magic-like tricks. Overall, the arc of 11 was okay, but some of the episodes in between were downright awful and I did not feel that was with Russell Davies and don’t blame it on him and I thought a couple of his Christmas episodes, especially The Damned Voyage, were great. However, the Matt Smith Christmas episodes, for the most part, have been a special kind of awful. This one should have been spectacular given that it wasn’t just the Christmas special, but was the culmination of Matt Smith and came on the heels of a marvellous 50th Anniversary Special. I felt it was a pretty large letdown. Oh well, on to Capaldi.

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